The Nerd Collective Founders Token is a free (gas only) token offered to early project supporters. Founders tokens will continue to evolve over time, providing holders with exclusive access and benefits. To start, token holders will receive these benefits:

  • Access to The Nerd Collective App
  • Access to exclusive founders-only discord channels
  • One free genesis PFP token per founders token
Founders Token Pre-Reveal Image


Can I still mint?
Unfortunately the mint is closed for the Founders Token.
Who was able to mint the Founders Token?
Founders tokens could only be minted by individuals on the allowlist. All unminted Founders Tokens left at the end of the minting window will go into the project’s wallet.
When do I have to mint my Founders Token by?
The last day to mint a Founders Tokens was at 12:01am Pacific Time on Wednesday, October 18th.
Who was eligible to mint a Founders Token?
There were two ways to get on the allowlist:

• You were part of the Data 100 (first 100 people in the discord).
• You completed one or more phases of the treasure hunt.
When will the art be revealed?
We have not yet set a date for art reveal. All tokens will be minted with a placeholder image.
What utility does the founder’s token have?

All Founder’s Tokens:

• One free mint of our genesis collection (launch date TBD)
• Access to member-only section of the discord
• Access to specific founders-only section in the discord

Data 100 Trait:

Certain Founders Tokens have traits that provide additional utility.

We have not yet disclosed any future utility the Founders Token may or may not have.